Notation based on the Act on specified commercial transactions

Sales agent

Jerop Co., Ltd.

Person in charge

Jintaro Yoshida

Postal address



11.CONCEPT SPERARE BLD 4F Minami10-Nishi1-1-65, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

Charges other than commodity prices

Inside Japan

Bank transfer fees, Cash on delivery (COD) charge: 324 yen (uniform charge)

Freight: Free to any destination, except in special cases, such as for returned goods


Freight: Free to any destination in the world, (except in special cases, such as for returned goods). Payment through convenience stores cannot be used for delivery outside Japan.

Duties etc.: The customer is responsible for any customs clearance fees and/or customs duties. Please pay these charges to the delivery agent when the goods are delivered.

Expiry of orders

If there is no payment received after 30 days from the date ordered, the order will be canceled.

Faulty goods

We replace delivered goods if they are faulty or not what was ordered. However, we will not accept the return of fresh products. If you discover any damage or problem, including transportation damage, please let us know within two days after the product is delivered. We will send you a substitute after investigating the circumstances. We request that you to send us the product details and include your postal address and phone number in your communication, to help us send the replacement item to you quickly.

Send returned items to this address:

064-0805 13-1, Minami5-Nishi5, Chuo-ku, Sapporo ASIL SAPPORO 3F HOKKAIDO SOUVENIR SHOP YUI Return and replacement desk

TEL: +81-80-3234-0763

Filling orders for short-stock items

We normally have enough stock to fill all orders. However, if there is an item that is out of stock and not likely to be available soon, we may not be able to accept your order or send a replacement item. Please understand our situation, in that event. We will inform you by e-mail or phone if the item you ordered is out of stock or shipment will be delayed.